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MurrElls Services has a proven track record of providing premium quality pool services throughout North San Diego County. Our excellent customer service and competitive prices have brought smiles to our clients over the years.

Your pool is a valuable investment and like any other investment, you want to protect it. If you are looking for a team to help you enjoy your pool, MurrElls Services offers professional cleaning and maintenance just for you. Our pool technicians offer high quality services at competitive prices to help keep your backyard investment running optimally.

Let our expertise go to work for you

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Weekly Maintenance Services Include:

- 13 Type Water Content Testing and balancing of water chemistry
- Surface skimming and tile brushing
- Vacuum if necessary
- Empty all skimmers, auto cleaners, and pump baskets
- Backwash and recharge all filters as required
- Inspect of all exposed pool equipment and plumbing (prevents issues that can turn into a large expense)
- 65% discount labor on any auto cleaner repairs (pay for parts)
- Discounts on all repairs

13 Type Water Content Test Includes:

- Free chlorine
- Total chlorine
- pH
- Alkalinity
- Calcium hardness
- Stabilizer (Cyanuric acid)
- Salt (Salt pools)
- Copper (If needed)
- Iron (If needed)
- Total dissolved solids (If needed)
- Borate (Supreme pools)
- Phosphates (If needed)
- Nirates(If needed)