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Pool cleaning SERVICES

Reliable Reoccurring Pool Services


Swimming pool services are important. Your pool  is the center piece of your yard. You need reliable technicians that are looking for ways to prevent maintenance issues. Go with a pool service company that has the track record to back its talk. Yelp, Google, Facebook, Homeadvisor and Thumbtack all rated 4.5 to 5 Stars. We service Escondido with pool services as well as surrounding cities in North County. 

Green to Clean pool services


 Pools can turn green and it happens when you get too busy and forget to clean or your pool guy disappears. Life just happens. Hire a team of pool experts, not just a pool guy.  We are rated the #1 pool cleaning company in Escondido for a reason. 

Filter Cleaning and Repairs

Escondido Pool Filter Cleaning

 Some times thing just are running correctly and you have YouTube the entire world-wide web for answers. But sometimes all you need is a professional view other than yours. 

We Can Help!

Weekly Pool Cleaning Services

Testing and Balancing Chemicals

First step in our process. Test the Chlorine and PH values. Correct these values to our standard of 7.6 PH and 5 PPM of chlorine.

Skimming The Surface

Second step is skimming all of the surface debris with a skim net.

Vacuum The Depths of Your Pool

Using our underwater vacuum system to pick up all of the dirt and debris at the bottom of your pool.


A weekly brushing  is utilized to free loose debris from your tile line. These debris are then vacuumed or netted as needed.

Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets

Empty all of your defense baskets to prevent debris from building up and allowing maximum flow.

Inspect Equipment

Your system will show signs of normal wear and it takes a expert eye and ear to catch things before they fail. When a tech sees a problem it is reported to a supervise for closer inspection and then brought to the clients attention for immediate or future repairs. MurrElls Services isn't just a pool cleaning and maintenance company. We also repair and replace equipment at a very affordable price. 

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