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Preventive Maintenance


Filter Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a filter properly is the first step in saving money.  A filter full of debris can cause your pool to turn green  or worse, cause a pump to fail due to back pressure. MurrElls Services specializes in pool filter cleaner and even include filter cleaning services in our Premium Pool Cleaning Plan.


Salt Cell Cleaning

For optimum operation and longer life, you should have your salt cell inspected approximately every 3 months of operation, or 500 hours, and clean the cell if necessary.  Cleaning frequency will be dependent on several factors such as pH, calcium hardness levels of your pool water and hours of operation and even location. If you live more inland like Escondido you will require a more frequent inspection. The pH and calcium hardness levels are the two factors that have the greatest impact on how often your chlorine salt cell will require cleaning. Calcium buildup (or scale), is one of the most common and serious challenges in salt chlorinated pool maintenance, partly because it typically forms first on the salt cell plates where it can remain undetected until the problem advances.  Once scale forms, it lessens the effectiveness and life span of the salt cell, which can lead to premature cell replacement. All MurrElls Service Technicians are trained to spot these signs before they worsen and report them to a manager where the necessary steps can be taken. 


Green to Clean

Failed equipment, unbalanced  water chemistry or even neglect of another pool service company. We can diagnose and repair or even prevent this by maintaining your pool.

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Preventive maintenance can help prevent costly Pool repairs.

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